No. 7. - Wari Bunder Hospital, Bombay, arrival of a Plague patient in an ambulance carriage


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eng No. 7. - Wari Bunder Hospital, Bombay, arrival of a Plague patient in an ambulance carriage


fre Shivshanker Narayen (18..-1...)


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fre 17 (numérotation manuscrite de Louis Dumoulin au verso du cliché)


fre Bibliothèque de l'ancien Musée des colonies (Paris)

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fre Tampon bleu au nom de Louis Dumoulin


fre Université Côte d'Azur. BU Lettres Arts Sciences Humaines. Fonds ASEMI




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Vue de l'entrée du Wari Bunder Hospital de Bombay, pendant l'épidémie de peste de 1896-1897. Comme l'indique la légende au verso, on aperçoit au centre un malade couché sur un brancard, prêt à être pris en charge par le personnel médical. Comme le signale son tampon, ce cliché a été acheté par le peintre Louis Dumoulin lors de l'un de ses voyages en Extrême-Orient. Le MET, qui possède un tirage de ce cliché, identifie le photographe comme étant un certain "Shivshanker Narayen".


Les Indes Bombay (annotation manuscrite de Louis Dumoulin au verso)


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No. 4. - A Plague house in Kalbadevi Road, Bombay. The plain circles represent death from Plague. The circles with a cross within denote death reported as from others maladies. It is probable that many of the latter were Plague cases falsely reported Relations Image fixe
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No. 2. - Cremation ceremony in the Hindu burning ground during the time of Plague. The pile of wood is supported latterally by two iron stakes driven into the ground at each side, 5 cwts. of wood are used for burning of an adult body. At the left hand side a body just brought in and still enveloped in cloth, awaits cremation. The ashes of the body are collected and thrown into the sea Relations Image fixe
No. 12. - Arrival of a Plague patient in an ambulance entrance of the Wari Bunder Hospital. The pulse of the patient is being examined by the Doctor. The ambulance is entirely of iron mounted on easy springs and carried on cycle wheels with rubber tyres - February 1897 Relations Image fixe
No. 3. - Washing buildings and dwellings and flushing house gullies with Municipal steam pump in foreground and fire engine in background. A fire of wood and sulphur burns in front of the building - October 1896 Relations Image fixe
[No. 11. - House to house visitation by Justices of Peace with a military escort and ambulance, in the native part of Bombay, much opposition was at first shown to this work but eventually the alarm of the people subsided. Plague cases continued however to be concealed till the end of the epidemic - April 1897] Relations Image fixe
[No. 16. - The house and shop on the left hand side of the street have been declared by the Plague Committee unfit for human habitation and marked U. H. H. : accumulation of filth and insufficient light and ventilation are the causes noted by the Committee] Relations Image fixe
[No. 1. - House in Mandvie Bunder Road where Plague was first recognised in September 1896. The seventeen circles marked against the doorway are registers of deaths from Plague officially recognised. It is currently reported that fifty deaths occurred from the epidemic in this house before the Municipality began to take official note of it] Relations Image fixe